Finally, Aston Martin is updating its outdated infotainment system.

Aston Martin Infotainment Upgrade – Overview

Aston Martin has lagged behind less expensive tech-forward cars in addition to ultra-luxury competitors like Lamborghini and Bentley regarding touchscreens and in-car entertainment.

The manufacturer is currently getting ready to catch up with a cutting-edge infotainment system that will be implemented across its product line this spring with the launch of its newest sports vehicles.

Infotainment hasn’t traditionally been a top concern for manufacturers of high-performance vehicles.

This is especially true for Aston Martin, a small-budget independent company that prioritized luxury and performance features over dashboard displays.

You must remember that we are an independent brand, as reported by Chief Creative Officer Marek Reichman.

That has significant advantages and drawbacks, and we must adjust our strategy accordingly.

Aston Martin is a publicly traded corporation.

A group of investors, including Mercedes-Benz and Canadian billionaire Lawrence Stroll, who joined Aston Martin as executive chairman in 2020, own most of its shares.

The business lacks the financial resources that giants like Volkswagen AG, which owns both Lamborghini and Bentley, do.

As an alternative, Aston Martin has long relied on its alliance with Mercedes-Benz to give the British company access to an earlier version of the software and operating system.

The German behemoth replaced the COMAND system with its new MBUX infotainment system for its vehicles in 2018.

According to Alex Long, head of product and market strategy at Aston Martin, “Mercedes gave us the reliability, but the user interface the consumer expects in the luxury market now has to go much beyond that.” “I believe that small firms have a hard time creating products that are competitive in the market.”

Most automakers switched to touchscreen controls years ago, and now Aston Martin is prepared to do the same.

Two factors account for this: first, the industry’s shift to software-based electric vehicles depends on sophisticated dashboard electronics, and second, technological advancements are consistently rising consumer expectations for what an infotainment system should offer.

According to Chief Creative Officer Marek Reichman, the next-generation system from Aston Martin has a user interface and user experience that is “much more state-of-the-art.” “UX and UI is our price of entry with electrification,”

Everyday Driving

Aston Martin infotainment upgrade
Aston Martin infotainment upgrade

The emergence of the high-margin, frequently gas-guzzling ultra-luxury SUV market has also compelled the automaker to consider its entertainment and navigation systems more.

The DBX, Aston Martin’s first SUV, was released two years ago, giving the company access to a new market.

SUVs are typically bought as everyday vehicles emphasizing comfort and usefulness, including infotainment, instead of sports cars built for the racetrack.

The high-performance DBX 707, so named for its horsepower output, arrived this year, making Aston Martin’s disadvantage worse than competitors.

Although the SUV’s performance is on par with the ultra-rapid Lamborghini Urus and Bentley Bentayga, the company lost well-off customers turned off by the vehicle’s outmoded infotainment system.

Size of a screen

Finally, Aston Martin is updating its outdated infotainment system.
Aston Martin infotainment upgrade

However, purchasers of Aston Martin shouldn’t anticipate imposing touchscreens with no visible buttons.

For instance, button controls will still be used for HVAC functions and the center console’s drive mode selector.

I believe that other businesses have discovered how challenging it is to display everything on a screen, according to Long.

For example, you must press three times into a screen that is quite small to switch on the wipers.

The manufacturer has not specified the size of its touchscreens, but Long claimed that some would be bigger than the 10.25-inch DBX display.

From Tesla’s first 15-inch iPad-like screen, twice as big as other screens on the market then, to the 56-inch display in the Mercedes-Benz EQS SUV, screens have exploded across the industry.

Long declared, “We’re not focused on miles of the screen.” “You only need the navigation and essential controls because your eyeline is fixed in a particular region.

You don’t want something else from the other side of the automobile to interrupt you.

Therefore, we won’t allow the full-screen use of the dashboard.

He said a luxury car should prioritize the quality of the materials used to adorn its inside rather than its screen size.

Because of this, the automobile manufacturer has decided to keep at least some traditional knobs and buttons rather than switching to a touch screen for all operations.

People anticipate the car’s jewelry, according to Long. “Our switches are made from cold-to-the-touch solid metal, a characteristic of the luxury market.

People adore the scent of leather and the morning touch of chilly buttons.

This is a good spot for me to sit today because I’m in my Aston, according to the sensory experience.

Aston Martin infotainment upgrade
Aston Martin infotainment upgrade

Can the infotainment system be upgraded?

The general prohibitions on upgrading an infotainment system have several exceptions. First, most manufacturers regularly update the infotainment system for certain model years by adding new apps and data features or addressing various faults.

Does Aston Martin use Mercedes infotainment?

Mercedes supplied the infotainment system and engines for Aston Martin’s current models. For its performance division, Mercedes is developing a new EV design that will be used to power an EV that will be made available in 2025.

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Aston Martin infotainment upgrade
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