2024  Mercedes EQG, an electric G-Class, performs a tank turn!

2024 Mercedes EQG – Overview

Mercedes-Benz has big aspirations for electrification, as evidenced by the EQB crossover, EQS luxury sedan, EQE sedan, and EQS SUV.

Here are the major highlights:

  • Mercedes-Benz has announced that the future electric G-class SUV, which was previewed by the EQG concept last year, will be capable of doing a “tank turn.”
  • The EQG spins 360 degrees on its axis using its four electric motors in the video.
  • The EQG will be available for the 2024 model year.
2024 Mercedes EQG
2024 Mercedes EQG

The boxy G-class, which isn’t exactly known for its eco-friendliness thanks to its 577-hp V-8 AMG G63 edition, will eventually get an electric version.

Last year, the colorful EQG concept showed off the electric G-class but revealed nothing about the off-mechanical roader’s components.

Mercedes has now given a preview of what the production version of the EQG will be capable of by demonstrating one of its signature stunts, the G-turn, at a recent press conference.

The G-turn will appear quite similar if you remember Rivian’s “tank turn” last year.

The EQG has four electric motors, one for each wheel, and uses them to spin the SUV by moving one side’s wheels in the opposite direction.

2024 Mercedes EQG
2024 Mercedes EQG

The video shows a camouflaged prototype turning 360 degrees on its axis on a patch of dirt, albeit this gimmick is likely to only operate off the beaten path.

Rivian has yet to incorporate the tank-turn capability into the production R1T, but with the EQG not due until 2024, Mercedes has plenty of time to iron out the wrinkles.

Mercedes also disclosed during the press conference that the EQG would have an independent front suspension and a rigid rear axle explicitly designed for electric vehicles.

2024 Mercedes EQG
2024 Mercedes EQG

In addition, the EQG will also be available with a lithium-ion battery with silicon anode chemistry, increasing energy density and range.

The EQG is scheduled for release in 2024, so more information about the electrified off-road legend should emerge over the coming few years.

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