Jeep Unveils Its First Electric Vehicle; It Will Make Its Global Debut In Early 2023

2023 Jeep EV – Overview

Stellantis unveiled its future business plan, Dare Forward 2030, during a global press event in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

It focuses on electrification, mobility, data as a service, lower carbon footprint, improved customer service, and so on, as one might expect.

Stellantis anticipates more than 100 additional product launches between now and 2030.

Here are the major highlights of the 2023 Jeep EV:

  • Stellantis said that the first completely electric Jeep will be available in early 2023.
  • The Jeep EV is one of 100 electric vehicles the multi-brand automaker plans to launch by 2030, including electric muscle cars and family automobiles.
  • The photograph accompanying the announcement shows a vehicle similar to the Compass, but no name or other information was offered.
2023 Jeep EV
2023 Jeep EV

A Ram ProMaster van will be the next battery-electric vehicle to be released in late 2023, followed by a Ram 1500 electric pickup in 2024.

Although the company acknowledges that they are late to the burgeoning EV pickup market, CEO Carlos Tavares claims that the Ram will outperform all others in terms of range, towing, payload, and charging time, including the Rivian R1T, Ford F-150 Lightning, Chevrolet Silverado EV, and even the Tesla Cybertruck.

That’s a significant assertion, and we’ll be waiting to see if it comes true.

In addition to Jeep’s “Lifestyle Family SUVs” and Dodge’s first electric, dubbed a “Performance Muscle Car,” the Wrangler EV will debut in 2024.

In 2025, Chrysler will finally join the party with a “Lifestyle Family Car” based on the Airflow concept presented at CES.

2023 Jeep EV
2023 Jeep EV

By 2030, the goal is to account for 50% of all sales in the United States and 100% in Europe.

Stellantis intends to pursue hydrogen-powered vehicles in addition to battery-electric cars.

The business launched a hydrogen-powered version of the Peugeot e-Expert and Opel Vivaro-e mid-size vans last year.

It plans to expand those offers to more prominent models in 2024, with a hydrogen-powered full-size Ram ProMaster van arriving in the United States in 2025.

Faurecia, a Tier 1 supplier, is a technical partner on the hydrogen project, which is expected to be primarily a fleet offering.

The business intends to expand hydrogen powertrains into heavy-duty trucks in the future.

Surprisingly, it looks that Stellantis follows a No Brand Left Behind policy, at least based on the following slide. Vauxhall and Lancia are included as well!

However, CEO Carlos Tavares stated that no other Stellantis brands would be going to the United States, so Francophiles can probably forget about seeing DS or Peugeot cars here.

Stellantis also showed off a few more planned electric automobiles from their other brands, in addition to the Jeep electric compact SUV.

Before 2030, the parent firm wants to add 100 electrified vehicles to its lineup, including Dodge’s “electric muscle cars” and other family vehicles.

The Wrangler EV will join Jeep’s future electric vehicle, which might debut in 2024.

2023 Jeep EV Design & Aesthetic

2023 Jeep EV
2023 Jeep EV

The EV sports a traditional Jeep upright appearance, with split headlamps and an LED daytime running lamp mounted above the primary unit.

Fog lamps are situated below the headlamps but not too close to the ground to assist the headlamps. Even though the EV doesn’t require a grille, Jeep’s distinctive 7-slot grille is featured on the compact SUV, with the vents blocked up and providing no practical use.

2023 Jeep EV
2023 Jeep EV

The car’s electric powertrain is also indicated by a blue ‘e’ on the grille.

Jeep’s first electric vehicle, due in “early 2023,” is one of the highlights.

Unfortunately, there’s no news on whether that’s a new model or an electric version of a current Jeep, though the timing strongly supports the latter, and based on the image, we’d guess it’ll be similar in size to the Compass.

The Jeep EV will debut in 2024, ahead of the previously promised Wrangler EV.

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2023 Jeep EV
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