2023 Hyundai i10 Facelift Spied With Bulky Camo.

2023 Hyundai i10 Facelift Spied.

Since 2019, the Hyundai i10 has been sold in several countries, including India, Vietnam, Mexico, South Africa, and, most significantly, Europe.

The model’s third iteration is a quirky-looking city car, but it’s beginning to appear dated, so the South Korean manufacturer plans to give it a makeover.

In the first spy photos, the revised i10 can be seen being tested on German public roads.

Surprisingly, the prototype you can see in the gallery below has a lot of covert elements.

The i10 appears to be sporting a completely revamped front fascia with significant improvements over the outgoing model, so there must be a good reason for the camouflage.

2023 Hyundai i10 Facelift Spied
2023 Hyundai i10 Facelift Spied

These include brand-new daytime running lights blended into the grille, which appears to have been heavily influenced by the Tucson and other recent vehicles from the carmaker.

It’s hard to tell if the headlights will change, but based on these early pictures, it doesn’t seem they will.

There won’t likely be any changes to the bumper’s overall design, although there might be adjustments to the region around the fog lamps.

Even though the rear is heavily camouflaged, we don’t believe any significant changes are evident.

The updated i10’s dashboard was concealed.

The remaining portion of the dash was quickly covered by Hyundai’s test driver, suggesting a potential redesign of the entire interior.

2023 Hyundai i10 Facelift Spied
2023 Hyundai i10 Facelift Spied

However, nothing can be confirmed at this time.

Depending on the market, numerous variants of the third-generation i10 are available.

The little hatch that you can see in the gallery above was created, developed, and manufactured on the Old Continent to European specifications.

The city car offers a naturally aspirated four-cylinder engine and a turbocharged three-cylinder engine.

The lineup is anticipated to remain essentially unchanged.

2023 Hyundai i10 Facelift Spied
2023 Hyundai i10 Facelift Spied

Can the Hyundai i10 handle long distances?

It is pleasant for lengthy travels of between 300 and 400 kilometres.

What are the common problems with a Hyundai i10?

Issues with Clutch. Problems with clutch pads.
Rusty Exhaust.
Suspension Noise.
Steering Motor Issues.
Braking issues.
Issues with headlight adjustment. Hyundai Grand i10.
Faulty AC.
Problems engaging reverse gear. Gear Knob | Image for representation purpose only.

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2023 Hyundai i10 Facelift Spied
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