2023 BMW M8 Gran Coupe -A Complete Detail!

2023 BMW M8 Gran Coupe – Overview

While the M8 Gran Coupe has a substantially larger back seat and cargo capacity than the other two, it has the same ballistic 617-hp twin-turbo V-8 engine that offers explosive acceleration.

In addition, a superb eight-speed automatic and an all-wheel-drive system with a rear-drive mode for smokey burnouts or sideways shenanigans help the engine.

Because the M8 Gran Coupe is only available in one configuration, we’d suggest a few options to enhance it’s luxury and performance.

2023 BMW M8 Gran Coupe
2023 BMW M8 Gran Coupe

We’d go with the Comfort Seating package, including remote start, several heated surfaces, and back-seat retractable shades.

Individually, the carbon-ceramic brakes elevate the M above the Gran Coupe’s eight.

When it comes to racetrack activity, the M Driver’s pack, which includes a day of professional training to learn how to safely use the M8’s abilities and perhaps temporarily forget how much it costs, is a good choice.

The top speed also increases from 155 to 190 mph when choosing the latter option.

Exterior Design

2023 BMW M8 Gran Coupe
2023 BMW M8 Gran Coupe

For the 2023 model year, BMW adds a few improvements to the M8 Gran Coupe.

Skyscraper Grey, Brooklyn Grey, Isle of Man Green, Tanzanite Blue II, and Frozen Pure Grey are among the metallic paint hues available and black highlights inside the adaptive LED headlights.

The M logo can also replace BMW’s trademark roundel on the hood, trunk, and wheel hubs.

Interior Design

2023 BMW M8 Gran Coupe
2023 BMW M8 Gran Coupe

The inside of the M8 Gran Coupe is luxuriously equipped and looks as good as it feels.

Despite its dignified rather than flashy look, the four-door M8 gives plenty of rear passenger capacity.

It comes with a 12.3-inch digital gauge cluster, 16-way power front seats with memory settings, heating, and ventilation, four-zone temperature control, leather upholstery, and more as standard equipment.

In addition, unique paint schemes and elegant trims, as well as a Comfort Seating option, are available to buyers.

Heated seats are included throughout and power sunshades for rear-seat occupants.

2023 BMW M8 Gran Coupe
2023 BMW M8 Gran Coupe

The M Carbon front seats are also offered, although their firm lower side bolsters make entry and egress difficult, and they may be too aggressive for most drivers.

While the back seat has three seatbelts, unlike the GT63 S’s rear buckets, the middle seat is best left empty save for the shortest journeys.

The Gran Coupe’s trunk has 11 cubic feet of storage space, 15 cubic feet fewer (total of 25) than the RS7’s rear hatch.

Center Console & Infotainment 

2023 BMW M8 Gran Coupe
2023 BMW M8 Gran Coupe

Every M8 Gran Coupe comes with a 12.3-inch touchscreen infotainment system that can also be managed through a rotary controller on the center console.

In addition, the athletic BMW comes standard with a Wi-Fi hotspot, Apple CarPlay, and Android Auto, as well as a 16-speaker Harman/Kardon sound system.

Upgrade to a more powerful Bowers & Wilkins system if you’re not happy with the original audio device.

Engine Specs & Powertrain

2023 BMW M8 Gran Coupe
2023 BMW M8 Gran Coupe

Thanks to the formerly optional Competition Package introduction, the M8 Gran Coupe is powered by a ferocious twin-turbo 4.4-liter V-8 that produces 617 horsepower.

A quick eight-speed automatic transmission transmits the power from the incredibly smooth engine to all four wheels.

A selectable rear-wheel-drive mode, which directs all of the V-8’s fury to the back, allows tail-out antics. This four-door rocketed to 60 mph in just 2.7 seconds and clocked a quarter-mile time of 10.8 ticks at 129 mph.

2023 BMW M8 Gran Coupe
2023 BMW M8 Gran Coupe

Even for some supercars, these figures are impressive, much less a sedan weighing over 4300 pounds. Unfortunately, while the large M8 is blisteringly quick and has more than 1.0 g of cornering grip, it has a lacklustre steering feel and a harsh ride that compromises its comfort.

The sedan comes equipped with a finely tuned adaptive suspension that can be modified through the sedan’s customized or preset drive modes.

Still, even the weakest damper setting isn’t exceptionally soft. Its powerful brakes will bring it down from 70 mph in an incredibly short 147 feet, but the BMW’s brake-by-wire technology gave inconsistent responses through the pedal, regardless of the two possible brake levels (Comfort and Sport).

Fuel Range/Mileage 

2023 BMW M8 Gran Coupe
2023 BMW M8 Gran Coupe

The V-8-powered M8 Gran Coupe won’t be mistaken for a hybrid, with estimates of 15 mpg in the urban street and 21 mpg on the highway.

However, such values are comparable to those of other quick four-door sedans in this class, like the RS7 (15 mpg city, 22 highway).

We haven’t tested the M8 GC on our 75-mph highway fuel-economy route, which is part of our rigorous testing procedure, but we will when we have the opportunity.

Safety Features

While there is a lot of driver-assistance technology, everything except a forward-collision warning and automated emergency braking is an added cost.

The following are important safety features:

  • Adaptive cruise control
  • Also, a stop-and-go system is available.
  • Blind-spot monitoring and rear cross-traffic alert are both available.
  • Lane-departure warning and lane-keeping assistance are also available.

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