New 2023 BMW M4 CSL-Light & Powerful!

2023 BMW M4 CSL – Overview

BMW‘s new 2023 M4 CSL is a track-day particular version designed for people prepared to forego a portion of daily livability in exchange for significantly improved performance.

Here are the major highlights:

  • The M4 CSL’s twin-turbo 3.0-liter inline-six makes 543 horsepower, 40 more than the M4 Competition. It also weighs 240 pounds less.
  • The handling is more track-day focused because of the lower stance, standard high-performance tires and carbon brakes, and more aggressive suspension tuning.
  • This limited-edition M4 CSL costs $140,895 and is restricted to 1000 units globally.
2023 BMW M4 CSL
2023 BMW M4 CSL

CSL stands for Competition Sports Lightweight, and the specifications prove that this isn’t just a marketing word.

But unfortunately, they also demonstrate that this vehicle will probably be a behemoth that will not appeal to all.

It has the same twin-turbo 3.0-liter inline-six as the M4 Competition, but the CSL’s max turbo boost has been increased by 24 percent, from 24.7 to 30.5 psi.

In addition, the dual-circuit cooling system has been updated to handle both the increased power and the rigors of track use, with a power peak of 6250 rpm, 543 horsepower, which is 40 horsepower more than the Competition.

2023 BMW M4 CSL
2023 BMW M4 CSL

The maximum torque remains unaltered at 479 pound-feet, implying that the Competition’s 8-speed automatic transmission and driveline may be utilized, even down to the automatic’s internal ratios and the final-drive ratio inside the M Sport differential.

However, the shift points have been improved, and the engine and transmission mounts have been reinforced significantly.

Although the power delivery should have substantially less slack and windup, an increase in cabin vibration is very guaranteed to be a side consequence.

A significant 240-pound weight loss amplifies the effects of this increased power.

The M4 Competition’s horsepower weighs 7.7 pounds per pony, whereas the CSL’s increased power and less weight reduce this to 6.7 pounds per pony.

2023 BMW M4 CSL
2023 BMW M4 CSL

BMW claims it will accelerate 60 mph in 3.6 seconds, vs. 3.8 seconds for the Competition, but we believe it will be faster.

The CSL is a two-seater that eliminates the back seat and seatbelts to save 46 pounds.

Furthermore, its one-piece carbon front buckets save 53 pounds, while adjustable carbon seats add 32 pounds.

Another 33 pounds can be saved by using lightweight sound insulation in specific areas and possibly less.

More carbon-fiber-reinforced plastic (CFRP) is employed inside and exterior, especially the center console, which saves 9 pounds.

Another 9 pounds is kept at the exhaust’s tail end thanks to the employment of a titanium silencer that’s set to “give the driver with correct acoustic feedback in response to motions of the accelerator and effectively transmits the engine’s performance characteristics” inside the cabin.

That is to say; it is louder in a roundabout way.

2023 BMW M4 CSL
2023 BMW M4 CSL

The 275/35ZR-19 front and 285/30ZR-20 rear high-performance tire combination optional on the Competition is standard on the CSL, but the wheels are placed on CSL-exclusive forged alloys with slim spokes that shed even more weight.

The wheels, brakes, and specific lightweight suspension components save additional 46 pounds, most of which is unsprung weight.

The suspension has been recalibrated with CSL-optimized springs, adaptive damper valving and software, and changed stabilizer-bar tuning, and it squats around 0.3 inches lower than the Competition.

In addition, other monoball joints have been used in select rear suspension links instead of rubber bushings for more precision on the track.

2023 BMW M4 CSL
2023 BMW M4 CSL

This detail reminded us of similar suspension tweaks applied to the Porsche Cayman GT4 RS, which resulted in excellent handling but questionable usability.

All indications point to a far more capable and raw BMW M4 that will be a more potent track-day weapon.

There’s a singular focus at work here, which should appeal to anyone who wants to put their M4 on the track.

How many BMW fans are interested in the M4 CSL’s features? First, we’ll see how long it takes to sell the 1000 units, priced at $140,895.

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2023 BMW M4 CSL
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