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2022 BSA Gold Star – Overview

The renowned British brand Birmingham Small Arms, referred to as BSA, is back with a brand-new single-cylinder Gold Star.

The Gold Star rides again under new Indian ownership after going idle in the early 1970s.

The 652cc single appears to be straight out of the 1950s when BSA was at its peak.

But don’t let that deceive you; it has fuel injection, a liquid cooling system, complies with Euro 5, has Brembo brakes and ABS, contemporary handling, and premium Pirelli tires. Sadly, there is no starter.

The original Gold Star created a performance and design icon between the late 1930s and the early 1960s.

The Gold Star was adored during every single one of those runs, covering entire performance and design eras.

2022 BSA Gold Star
2022 BSA Gold Star

In the 1950s, BSA was one of the biggest motorcycle manufacturers in the world, with a reputation on par with that of Triumph or Norton.

But, of course, if you’re younger than 60, you might wonder what all the commotion is about with the nostalgia.

Therefore, BSA stands for Birmingham Small Arms Company Ltd.

The company initially produced cars, auto & truck components, machine tools, hand tools, sintered and cast metal of all kinds, transit vehicles, ammunition, and firearms (there is still a rifle insignia on Goldie’s side panel today).

Imagine it as the Yamaha or Kawasaki Heavy Industries of Birmingham.

But, with its first powered two-wheeler unveiled in 1910, the firm produced and was best known for motorcycles, much as those concerns.

Of course, the Gold Star was BSA’s most well-known model.

It was also offered as a 350, but the 500 was the bike to own, truly the pinnacle of its day.

It had a max speed of 110 mph, making it an actual ton-up machine.

It won the Isle of Man TT and Daytona, demonstrating its speed and handling on the track.

BSA was the most popular motorcycle brand in the world in the 1950s, with one in every four motorcycles sold being a BSA.

2022 BSA Gold Star
2022 BSA Gold Star

Unfortunately, despite this achievement, executive mismanagement caused financial problems for BSA, and in 1973 the erstwhile industrial behemoth was forced to stop operations.

Classic Legends Private Ltd. acquired the brand in 2016, a division of the Mahindra Group, a manufacturing behemoth whose list of holdings reads like a 21st-century equivalent of BSA’s.

As a result, decades of alleged restarts have failed.

The revamped, modernized Gold Star was the first model revealed by the brand-new BSA Company Ltd. in 2021.

The 2022 Goldie is now manufactured in India, with plans to return to its original location of Birmingham eventually.

The motorcycle has a fuel-injected, water-cooled 652cc single engine rated for 45 horsepower at 6,500 rpm and 40.6 pound-feet of torque at 4,000 rpm.

BSA asserts that the motor is like the original 500s and can be 100 mph.

An electric starter is now available in place of the infamously challenging jumpstart of the past.

However, there are no electronic rider aids or riding modes to be concerned about; modernization stops there. So turn the key, get in, and ride.

The DOHC single originally had a Rotax engine with a typical wet sump underneath it that BMW previously utilized.

However, little of that engine is still present; the oil tank is concealed under a side panel, and the sump is now dry.

By removing the sump, it was possible to place the cylinder block high and upright and to move the engine in the chassis.

BSA also wanted the engine to appeal to nostalgic eyes.

The seat and fuel tank might then be placed so a line could travel through from the tank to the underside of the seat.

In Direction of travel

2022 BSA Gold Star
2022 BSA Gold Star

The analogue upside-down clocks spring to life when you turn the key.

The warning lights are likewise attractive and flawlessly classic, and they are positioned above in a tidy round dial.

Shame about the somewhat flimsy switch gear from the 1980s, though.

When you press the electric starter button, the single starts to rumble.

A couple of throttle blips demonstrate that the vehicle has an excellent rasp for a Euro 5-compliant vehicle.

It doesn’t sound too bad for a typically manufactured bike.

As the throttle is opened, closed, and then opened again, the fueling is a touch harsh; it’s not precisely snatchy, but it’s not as fluid as expected.

Give the effort a B+. Then, with the throttle already open and rolling, it pulls smoothly.

The Gold Star will be easy to ride around town because of a smooth gearbox and proper torque from 2,000 to 4,000 rpm.

The engine is as amiable as an old sheepdog owned by a local innkeeper.

The simplicity of use on this single will appeal to new riders and older cyclists returning to biking.

It’s also not sluggish. Although the 2022 cycle is faster than the original Goldie, which was created soon after World War II, it is still more capable of keeping up with and overtaking current traffic.

2022 BSA Gold Star
2022 BSA Gold Star

Holding 5,000 rpm will allow the Goldie to cruise at 80 mph contentedly. In top gear, 4,500 rpm, slightly above peak torque, is equivalent to 70 mph.

If you want to go faster than 100 mph, you must tuck in, hang onto a fork leg, and lower your chin to the chrome tank.

You might be able to observe an indicated 109 mph.

Compared to other bikes in this segment, the BSA weighs in at the top of the list at 437 pounds dry. On 18/17-inch spoked alloy wheels, Pirelli Phantom Sportscomp tires are installed.

The 41mm fork, which features the customary shrouded stanchions, is not adjustable, but the preload on the twin rear shocks is.

Brembo brakes and Continental ABS complete a straightforward yet attractive rolling chassis.

The Gold Star has a welcoming flat seat, as could be imagined, but it’s not a wallowing waterbed.

It is a relatively peaceful and composed performer; the rear does not squat excessively when accelerating, and typical braking will not twist the fork.

2022 BSA Gold Star
2022 BSA Gold Star

Sitting down too much, the back will react to sharp bumps or undulations.

However, how far depends on the rider’s weight and pillion. For hauling any weight, the shocks will benefit from adding some preload.

It’s pleasantly surprising how well the front turns at low speeds; good town handling should result from what seems to be a low centre of gravity.

Unfortunately, the BSA is reluctant and likes to sit up when braking for a corner at higher speeds.

It is far preferable to let the stoppers go early, steer firmly, and let the vehicle happily roll through sweepers as if it were 1956.

Ground clearance for this kind of bike is excellent once in turn. The pegs must be scraped somewhat hard, especially on smooth surfaces.

That might alter if the rider is more significant or the route is bumpier, but the Pirelli Phantoms consistently provide sufficient self-assured grip.

The Goldie is simple to ride quickly, and novice or unskilled riders will appreciate how simple it is to use.

The bike’s ergonomic design seems to be comfortable for riders of various sizes.

2022 BSA Gold Star
2022 BSA Gold Star

The single-cylinder engine is relatively vibration-free at speed, and the seat is adequate for our admittedly brief riding experience.

However, the speedometer needle tended to jiggle while travelling over 70 mph, which, depending on your level of nostalgia, might be perceived as charismatic or obnoxious.

The low-revving engine should be economical; BSA claims 70 mpg.

With a 2.6-gallon tank, the BSA could travel 182 miles before running out of fuel.

First impressions are favourable, but given the short time we had at the testing facility, it’s difficult to predict how intrusive engine vibes will be after a few hours in the saddle or the quality of the mirrors.

Front brakes consist of a single 320mm disc with a Brembo calliper, braided lines, and Continental ABS.

The stoppers are outstanding for this type of bike; progressive at urban speeds, obviously not terrifying for beginning riders, but robust enough to pull the bike’s 470 pounds when fully fueled down from speed.

2022 BSA Gold Star
2022 BSA Gold Star

Again, BSA hasn’t skimped on this area. Although the ABS is somewhat intrusive, particularly in the rear, our early impressions are positive.

Although it is genuinely functional, an odd USB-A and C charger detracts from the bike’s traditional design and seems like it was added last-minute.

Those who don’t like it will take it out right away. Among the many accessories that BSA is developing are bags, screens, crash protection, and branded clothes.

The BSA appears straightforward to customize; we’d like to see some lowered bars, a sporty exhaust, and perhaps some setback pegs to push it toward a cafe racing appearance.

The standard Highland Green Edition prices start at a reasonably good 6,500 pounds sterling (USA launch and cost have not yet been revealed).

2022 BSA Gold Star
2022 BSA Gold Star

Prices for the Insignia Red, Midnight Black, and Silver editions go to 6,800 pounds, while the top-spec Silver Sheen Legacy costs 7,000 pounds.

The closest British (or British-inspired) competitor to the BSA, while being an air-cooled twin-cylinder bike, is undoubtedly Royal Enfield’s INT650 twin, which retails for $5,999 to $6,699.

The far more potent Bonneville T100 from Triumph costs $10,795, while the elegant-looking W800 from Kawasaki costs $9,199.

Although the Gold Star is affordable in the UK, it doesn’t look or feel that way.

Instead, the anti-clockwise clocks, great Pirelli tires, and premium Brembo brakes will be a pleasure to possess.

Unfortunately, the peculiar USB charger placement only mars the aesthetic on the bars and the weird Casio keyboard switch gear from the 1990s.

The engine has just the right amount of power, looks good, and is smooth for a single.

The bike handles corners well, has excellent ground clearance for a bike of this class, and the brakes are reliable.

Incredible details include the retro gauges, the twist-off fuel cap, and the remote oil tank.

It’s terrific to have BSA return, especially considering how well it handled the Gold Star.

Instead of creating a buzzing, utterly unremarkable cafe racer, the new Indian owners have made a modern, meticulously crafted remake of a beloved classic.

The new manufacturers’ usage of the coveted Gold Star name may have upset some purists.

Not like the original, this racebike is not legendary. But, with their jackets, trousers, and open-faced hats ready, riders can afford to have it lovingly stowed in the garage’s back corner for the occasional evening or Sunday blast.

Things are going well if this begins a new age for the BSA.

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2022 BSA Gold Star
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